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ephemeris fr

I wanna travel around the world, to discover new things. I decided to take a lot of books, and I told myself that a book of knowledge when you look at the sky could be nice.

This is why I bought an ephemeris book. The ephemeris is all the basic astronomical data fron which you can infer a lot of things.

ephemeris fr.2
This is how it looks inside.

The solar eclipse of March 2015 will be total in the Faroe islands, but unfortunately, there may be a cloudy sky. I wish I see a total solar eclipse at least once in my life...

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A good figure talks.


social distance figure

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Some electrical systems like hospitals need to work 24 hours per day. Solar power offers in a year more than 10,000 times the energy humanity consumes. It is far enough. However, when there is no sun, there is no power. In that case, we can rely on energy in excess we have stored before.

Electricity can be stored in large amounts with PSP (Pumped Storage Powerplants). These are hydraulic systems. When offer exceeds demand, we use electricity to pump water above, when demand exceeds offer, we let water fall and work a turbine, that works a generator that makes electricity.

step centrale souterraine
There is an lower reservoir of water, and an upper one.

PSP are more than realistic. Near the Michigan lake, the Ludington PSP works since the 1970s and offers about 1,800 MW output.

ludington psp
The Ludington PSP is an artificial relief. The upper reservoir has been made with a 111 m high wall.

Building PSP is an opportunity for investers, and represents job offers for local people. In the end, I think PSP can just make a link between dream and reality ^_^ .

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The social middle of computers can't help itself to change things, even if it's useless.

Some weeks ago, I went in a supermarket and looked at the new computers. I bought my computer in 2009, and I realized that new computers in the supermarket nearly had the same power, memory, etc. It means they are not able to do better. So they make new in making worse, and this gives computers of low quality like iphones and ipads.

I think it is time for computer developers to look at the past. Computers are far enough powerful (in 2006 they could run the graphisms of the videogame The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion) and some things were better in the past. Knowledge of the past offers a wide range of examples to follow and mistakes to avoid.

Dictatorship of the tactile system

What disturbs me last times is the new tendancy to force people to get an update without explaining the reason nor asking the people. The tactile system forces people to go inside it even if we don't want to.

icons illiterates
The tactile system considers people as illiterates.

I wish more and more informaticians get interested in the past.

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I started this blog about five years ago, under the name L'étoile du marin. Since the beginning, I have published several hundreds of articles in various subjects such as arts, sciences, philosophy, politics.

I wrote in French, my native language. Unfortunately, I realized that I had no professional nor love perspective in France, so I left this country.

I don't know what I will do in the future. I just know I'm 25 and that I don't want to imprison myself in a case, so it's time for me to travel ^_^ . This is why I decided to use English as the main language of this blog.

The name of this blog refers to a metaphor. Ideals are like stars for the sailors : we cannot reach them, but they guide us.

I wish you a great pleasure by reading this blog. Comments are welcome, especially if you disagree, because there is so much to build from opposite point of views.

May the stars guide you ;-) .


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