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25 février 2015 3 25 /02 /février /2015 22:23

Update 2014/3/10 : just an idea


In the French literature, Jean GIONO speaks about the "grande barrière", in English, big barrier. It is the barrier between man and animals.

I don't like the fact that animals fear us. If we respect them, if we stop to destroy their home and try to communicate with them, maybe we can erase that barrier.

So, I've got the idea that we could destroy this barrier in a video game :-) . For now, this is just an idea.

I Action
II A slow game
III Graphisms and landscape


I Action

Your aim is to set down the barrier between man and animals. Your ways of action are multiple : plant trees, tame an animal, cultivate your garden... For example, you may want to plant trees, to plant trees, you need to buy the field, to buy the field, you need to sell vegetables in the village market.

II A slow game

The big barrier is an enemy that requires several generations to be beaten. In this game, you control a family lineage : when your character dies, you control the daughter or the son. Each character has its own opinions, so you don't have always the same set of possibilities.

In this game, the world changes slowly. You only see countryside, people are not in a hurry, they take their time. Sometimes you have several people discussing in the summer evening, little insects glowing in the dark. It would be a slow and calm ambiance.

III Graphisms and landscape

Big barrier would offer a lot of attention to contemplation. Beautiful landscapes of high mountains, rocky rivers and wild forests. I think a realistic 3D is nice for that.

mountain canada
The kind of landscape you could see in Big barrier.

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25 février 2015 3 25 /02 /février /2015 22:14

According to the karate master Funakoshi, suspicion is the source of the evil. Humans fear the unknown.

We shall not fall into a vicious circle. In this article, I will explain how we can know who people really are.

I Frequent to know
II Value of the people
III Moral circles


I Frequent to know

You cannot know a person fast. To know somebody, you must spend a lot of time with that person. It is a major source of error to judge by appearances.

Moreover, it is important to know the past of the person, so you can understand her or his reactions.

rousse de face
Looking at someone in the eyes makes you dive into that person's mind.

II Value of the people

To rely on your friends, you must choose good people as friends. Good people are the people who make good things.

Bad people deserve to be abandoned. You must always keep on thinking to know the true value of the people, otherwise you may discriminate somebody.

There is no shame to know people better than yourself, they can be a source of inspiration.

III Moral circles

I heard that the lifestyle in Spain is a lifestyle where you always are with other people. It is very different from France, a country I'm trying to leave : people are very narrow-minded, they rely on some "friends" and don't want more, actually, the behaviour of the French is similar to an autist behaviour.

In the Spain case, it is rather a vertuous circle. In France, it is a vicious circle.
Spending a lot of time together, spending little time together : from this difference can happen either progress, either fall. Let us be social :-) .

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25 février 2015 3 25 /02 /février /2015 19:39

I wrote long ago... very long ago, that I would publish an article about relativity theory. I will do my best. I don't have much education about relativity theory, but I can say some things about it. Listen carefuly and don't be afraid. If there is something you don't understand, ask a question.

I Principle of relativity
II Lorentz transformation
III Einstein's interpretation
IV Paradox of twins


I Principle of relativity

The principle of relativity is one law among others that characterize the universal laws of Nature. It says :

"The laws of Nature are the same whatever the mechanical referential."

In the Sun's mechanical referential, the Earth rotates around the Sun. But in the Earth mechanical referential, we see the Sun rise in the morning and set in the evening.

There are other kinds of laws. I would say that the laws of Nature are the same whatever the size of the considered object.

Actually, the principle of relativity is rather a principle of absolute.

When he was working about making electromagnetic laws abiding by the principle of "relativity", a man called Hendrik LORENTZ found some mathematical relations.

II Lorentz transformation

When you look at something, say, an elephant eating a fruit, it takes some space and some time. This is what we call "an event", in special relativity.

Lorentz found the solution of his problem only for a part of cases. He found the solution for a mechanical referential going straight at the same speed in another referential. This looked like this.

 lorentz transformation fr
Lengths and times are multiplied or divided by gamma.

If you don't understand at this point, it's OK. I just wanted to show you the classical formula, so you can think "I've seen that somewhere else.".

What do these formulaes mean ? Here comes Einstein.

III Einstein's interpretation

Three people were working on this electromagnetism problem : Lorentz, Poincaré and Einstein.

Einstein had the strongest interpretation. He said that the gamma factor changing the lengths and the times was a sign that space and time are not absolute.

The absolute came to be the speed of light, making special relativity a modern theory of light.

The strange effects of special relativity cannot be seen in the normal life. They can be seen only for things getting so fast that they nearly have the speed of light, c. Lengths seem smaller and times seem bigger. The elephant would seem smaller in size and slower to eat its fruit.

A physicist called Thierry CHAMBON said that times seem bigger and lengths smaller because of a perspective effect within the space-time.

IV Paradox of twins

Let us put ourselves in the Earth's referential. Let us imagine two twins A and B. The A twin takes a spaceship travelling nearly as fast as the speed of light ; the B twin stays on the Earth. Then A comes back to Earth. Due to the time dilatation, it would be possible for A to age 2 years whereas B ages 40 years. But

  • if we consider the problem from the spaceship referential, it is the contrary : A ages 40 years and B ages 2 years ;
  • we supposed that the spaceship goes straight with a constant speed. When accelerating, the problem must be considered with another theory : general relativity.

The physicist Vincent MORENAS said it is maybe actually the same time for both of twins (40 years for A and 40 years for B).

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1 février 2015 7 01 /02 /février /2015 19:06

Reality corresponds to the present, but people can have an interest for either past and future. In fact, we can have an interest for present, past and future, but I'm gonna talk to you of people who have a special interest in the past, or a special interest in the future.

During a long time, I was someone most worried by the future. I decided to study science and I tried to imagine societies that never existed before. It is just 2 years ago that I decided to get interested in the past.

In fact, it is two different styles of thinking. Tolkien is an example of person interested in the past, the French science-fiction writer Bernard WERBER is an example of person interested in the future.

warcraft 3 screen starcraft screen 

Heroic fantasy and science-fiction are two literature styles that reflect either interest in the past, either interest in the future. The pictures shown is from Warcraft III on the left and Starcraft on the right.

I'm gonna try to show you the characteristics of these two styles of thinking. I would be glad you comment this classification.

Characteristics of people interested in the past :

  • documented ; 
  • rigid ;
  • conservative ;
  • attachment to dead people ;
  • old ;
  • slow.

Characteristics of people interested in the future :


  • imagination ;
  • flexible ;
  • for change ;
  • young ;
  • fast ;

I think each person with a well made mind has an interest both in the past and the future. But if we must have a priority, I think the best is to be interested in the past, because knowledge of the past allows not to repeat its mistakes.

Your comments are welcome.

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Published by Bête spatio-temporelle - dans Psychology
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26 janvier 2015 1 26 /01 /janvier /2015 13:43

I spent a lot of time with French. After months of thinking, I can summarize the medium French character with the following figure.

character medium french
French make a lot of effort against bad things, or considered bad. On the other side, really little effort is made to something good, or considered good.

French have a very negative attitude to life. They see annoying things, crush them like insects and get tired of it, then go back to their habits.

I have several arguments.

  • In 2010, when Sarkozy was president, the Parti Socialiste had a good result with the regional election because it was an opponent to the government of Sarkozy.
  • In 2012, François HOLLANDE was chosen president to avoid Sarkozy being reelected.
  • In 2014, the Union pour une Majorité Populaire party had a good result with the town elections because it was an opponent to the government of François HOLLANDE.
  • The French I know spend more time to criticize renewable energies than to promote them - even though they are a part of the solution !
  • Some months ago, I tried to create a social move with people walking in the street to claim the equality of the wages between women and men. This was, despite my efforts, a complete failure. On the other side, if I had noticed a threat to the abortion right, I guess people would have come by hundreds against that.
  • There were more people claiming in the street against homosexual marriage in 2012-2013 than for homosexual marriage. In the end, the law was accepted and homosexual marriage is legal.
  • The last victory of people claiming together in the streets was in 2006. But it was not really a victory : we were against a new law called CPE and this law was finally abandoned.

This leads me to think several things :

  • First, and it really is a personal problem : French get in couple by a process of elimination. Whatever you do will be seen negatively, a French thinks "Not him, not him, not him..." and in the end gets in couple with someone who did nothing. There is no seduction, French consider seduction as harassing. In the end, I think the best way to get in couple in the French society is to do nothing.
  • This only-anti state of mind reduces the field of possibles. It's always "No, no, no...", so in the end only remains nothingness.

This little study leads me to bad expectations about the future of the French society. A society that inherited the regressions of the right-wing governments for public utilities, whose school level is always getting lower, whose people don't speak English, whose left-wing is unable to spread hope and build something positive, plus a certain technological backwardness (water system, electricity system) and the anti-social effects of telecoms on the youth, is bound to collapse.

There is a vicious circle in France. I'm sorry, but I think I don't have the strength to fight it.

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14 janvier 2015 3 14 /01 /janvier /2015 14:25

All measures are based on the yogurt pot.

Ingredients :

1 yogurt
2 pots of sugar
3.5 pots of flour
1 pot of oil
3 eggs

yogurt pasta ingredients

Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.

  white of egg

Mix the other ingredients together.
Add the last pot of flour in the same time as the egg white.

yogurt pasta

Serve in bowls or spread on bread. Enjoy ^_^ .

Advice : eat little of it.

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14 janvier 2015 3 14 /01 /janvier /2015 14:23

Unemployment makes people poor. Where does unemployment come from ? What can we do against it ? I shall try to answer these questions. Your point of view is welcome.

I Unemployment and richness
II Absurdity of the situation
III Solidarity against misery


I Unemployment and richness

The main way to earn money honestly is working. But working is not enough : you could work a lot to play guitar, if you sell nothing, you have no money.

People are not looking for a work, they are looking for money. It seems that free works like house work or blogging are less considered within the system.

People are not looking for money. They just want to live, and that needs good food ^_^ . Now, let us see the absurdity of unemployment.

II Absurdity of the situation

In this situation :

  • there are always people that have no job and live poor ;
  • people who don't have a job are waiting for it with their phone in a very hurry way ;
  • people who finally got a job accept little standards of working (time, money, social relationships...) ;
  • people who finally got a job are asked to produce useless things.

I am now unemployed, and I find that either unemployment and work are not attractive. But let us see what we can do ^_^ .

III Solidarity against misery

In France, we sometimes say that we only need love and fresh water. It is quite true : happiness is stronger with love than with material things. People who love you may give you roof and food ; people who don't love you may let you die.

Employers can change it all.

Let us imagine. A beautiful hill covered with trees, non-toxic little rivers, the sun. Add to this a group of humans strongly linked by love, and they may cultivate the land and share what they have.

Solidarity is the solution we have.

There is no future in the old corrupt system. As long as time passes, capitalism will be worse and worse and life outside of the system will be more and more attractive.
We cannot leave the system alone. But together, everything is possible.

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31 décembre 2014 3 31 /12 /décembre /2014 12:52

I would like to introduce you to a notion called "psychic fluid". I have some doubts about the existence of this thing. Your comments are welcome.

What is psychic fluid ?

Let us imagine a person who draws a square with a pencil. The psychic fluid of the square comes from the brain, it goes through the nerves and muscles, then through the tool, then it lets a mark : the drawing of the square.

psychic fluid square

Let us now imagine a person who wants to lift a 150 kg statue of Poseidon. This person will fail. But if there is a pulleys system, the psychic fluid will be able to pass, and the statue will be lifted.

statue arms
With only arms, the psychic fluid is blocked.

statue pulleys
But with the pulleys system, the psychic fluid can pass.

The psychic fluid moves within the psychic space. The psychic space is made of hard places, but also of numerous wonderful lands to discover.

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29 décembre 2014 1 29 /12 /décembre /2014 15:29

Mise à jour 2014/1/14 : j'ai changé la fin du texte, elle était maladroite.


Il existe trois sociétés en France : les nomades, les bourgeois et les précaires.

I Les nomades
II Les bourgeois
III Les précaires
IV Nouvelles sociétés


I Les nomades

Les nomades, qu'on les nomme gitans, tsiganes ou roms, sont structurés en grandes familles. Ils n'ont pas de temporalité. Lorsqu'un des leurs meurt, on le pleure un peu, puis le lendemain c'est oublié. Les nomades ont leur propre langue. Au Sahara, les oasiens créent la richesse et les nomades la prennent. Malgré cette critique que l'on peut faire du nomadisme, les nomades en France n'ont jamais renoncé à leur mode de vie, et les tentatives de les intégrer dans la société sédentaire ont parfois été de cuisants échecs.

II Les bourgeois

Les bourgeois cherchent à être sans-cesse plus riches. Égoïstes, ils veulent toujours plus de matériel. Cette société est caractérisée par la technologie et la domination. Certains observateurs disent que les hydrocarbures sont très représentatifs de la mentalité capitaliste. Pour ma part, je pense qu'un cadre qui se tue à la tâche pour gagner trop d'argent et qui dépense cette argent dans une fichue montre à trois-mille euros sait qu'il se fait arnaquer, il n'est pas impossible que cette personne avare soit mûe par une pulsion destructrice.

III Les précaires

Les précaires vivent dans la misère matérielle. Tandis que certains se laissent aller et tombent dans le cercle infernal de la misère intellectuelle, d'autres s'organisent en squats avec le rejet de valeurs bourgeoises comme l'argent. Tantôt au chômage, tantôt à la rue, la souffrance les rend moins apathiques et peut leur donner un caractère bien trempé.

IV Nouvelles sociétés

Une masse importante de la population vivant en France est à de multiples reprises confrontée au choix de vivre comme des bourgeois ou de vivre comme des précaires.

On ne choisit pas dans quelle société on naît, mais on choisit celle dans laquelle on veut vivre. 3 sociétés, cela laisse peu de choix. Je souhaite qu'en France, de nouvelles sociétés voient le jour et fleurissent. La possibilité de créer de nouvelles sociétés nous offre beaucoup d'espoir.

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21 décembre 2014 7 21 /12 /décembre /2014 14:35

ephemeris fr

I wanna travel around the world, to discover new things. I decided to take a lot of books, and I told myself that a book of knowledge when you look at the sky could be nice.

This is why I bought an ephemeris book. The ephemeris is all the basic astronomical data fron which you can infer a lot of things.

ephemeris fr.2
This is how it looks inside.

The solar eclipse of March 2015 will be total in the Faroe islands, but unfortunately, there may be a cloudy sky. I wish I see a total solar eclipse at least once in my life...

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