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3 décembre 2014 3 03 /12 /décembre /2014 08:33

I started this blog about five years ago, under the name L'étoile du marin. Since the beginning, I have published several hundreds of articles in various subjects such as arts, sciences, philosophy, politics.

I wrote in French, my native language. Unfortunately, I realized that I had no professional nor love perspective in France, so I left this country.

I don't know what I will do in the future. I just know I'm 25 and that I don't want to imprison myself in a case, so it's time for me to travel ^_^ . This is why I decided to use English as the main language of this blog.

The name of this blog refers to a metaphor. Ideals are like stars for the sailors : we cannot reach them, but they guide us.

I wish you a great pleasure by reading this blog. Comments are welcome, especially if you disagree, because there is so much to build from opposite point of views.

May the stars guide you ;-) .


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Published by Bête spatio-temporelle - dans Sailor star
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  • : L'étoile du marin, site web de Corentin CHAROUSSET
  • L'étoile du marin, site web de Corentin CHAROUSSET
  • : Sciences humaines, exactes ou naturelles, philosophie, politique, arts... Je vous emmène sur les flots dans un voyage aux mille escales, avec toujours le même objectif dans la longue-vue : l'étoile du marin, ou l'idéal qui anime l'homme qui a de l'espoir.
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