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4 décembre 2014 4 04 /12 /décembre /2014 23:04

Some electrical systems like hospitals need to work 24 hours per day. Solar power offers in a year more than 10,000 times the energy humanity consumes. It is far enough. However, when there is no sun, there is no power. In that case, we can rely on energy in excess we have stored before.

Electricity can be stored in large amounts with PSP (Pumped Storage Powerplants). These are hydraulic systems. When offer exceeds demand, we use electricity to pump water above, when demand exceeds offer, we let water fall and work a turbine, that works a generator that makes electricity.

step centrale souterraine
There is an lower reservoir of water, and an upper one.

PSP are more than realistic. Near the Michigan lake, the Ludington PSP works since the 1970s and offers about 1,800 MW output.

ludington psp
The Ludington PSP is an artificial relief. The upper reservoir has been made with a 111 m high wall.

Building PSP is an opportunity for investers, and represents job offers for local people. In the end, I think PSP can just make a link between dream and reality ^_^ .

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