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25 février 2015 3 25 /02 /février /2015 21:14

According to the karate master Funakoshi, suspicion is the source of the evil. Humans fear the unknown.

We shall not fall into a vicious circle. In this article, I will explain how we can know who people really are.

I Frequent to know
II Value of the people
III Moral circles


I Frequent to know

You cannot know a person fast. To know somebody, you must spend a lot of time with that person. It is a major source of error to judge by appearances.

Moreover, it is important to know the past of the person, so you can understand her or his reactions.

rousse de face
Looking at someone in the eyes makes you dive into that person's mind.

II Value of the people

To rely on your friends, you must choose good people as friends. Good people are the people who make good things.

Bad people deserve to be abandoned. You must always keep on thinking to know the true value of the people, otherwise you may discriminate somebody.

There is no shame to know people better than yourself, they can be a source of inspiration.

III Moral circles

I heard that the lifestyle in Spain is a lifestyle where you always are with other people. It is very different from France, a country I'm trying to leave : people are very narrow-minded, they rely on some "friends" and don't want more, actually, the behaviour of the French is similar to an autist behaviour.

In the Spain case, it is rather a vertuous circle. In France, it is a vicious circle.
Spending a lot of time together, spending little time together : from this difference can happen either progress, either fall. Let us be social :-) .

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26 janvier 2015 1 26 /01 /janvier /2015 12:43

I spent a lot of time with French. After months of thinking, I can summarize the medium French character with the following figure.

character medium french
French make a lot of effort against bad things, or considered bad. On the other side, really little effort is made to something good, or considered good.

French have a very negative attitude to life. They see annoying things, crush them like insects and get tired of it, then go back to their habits.

I have several arguments.

  • In 2010, when Sarkozy was president, the Parti Socialiste had a good result with the regional election because it was an opponent to the government of Sarkozy.
  • In 2012, François HOLLANDE was chosen president to avoid Sarkozy being reelected.
  • In 2014, the Union pour une Majorité Populaire party had a good result with the town elections because it was an opponent to the government of François HOLLANDE.
  • The French I know spend more time to criticize renewable energies than to promote them - even though they are a part of the solution !
  • Some months ago, I tried to create a social move with people walking in the street to claim the equality of the wages between women and men. This was, despite my efforts, a complete failure. On the other side, if I had noticed a threat to the abortion right, I guess people would have come by hundreds against that.
  • There were more people claiming in the street against homosexual marriage in 2012-2013 than for homosexual marriage. In the end, the law was accepted and homosexual marriage is legal.
  • The last victory of people claiming together in the streets was in 2006. But it was not really a victory : we were against a new law called CPE and this law was finally abandoned.

This leads me to think several things :

  • First, and it really is a personal problem : French get in couple by a process of elimination. Whatever you do will be seen negatively, a French thinks "Not him, not him, not him..." and in the end gets in couple with someone who did nothing. There is no seduction, French consider seduction as harassing. In the end, I think the best way to get in couple in the French society is to do nothing.
  • This only-anti state of mind reduces the field of possibles. It's always "No, no, no...", so in the end only remains nothingness.

This little study leads me to bad expectations about the future of the French society. A society that inherited the regressions of the right-wing governments for public utilities, whose school level is always getting lower, whose people don't speak English, whose left-wing is unable to spread hope and build something positive, plus a certain technological backwardness (water system, electricity system) and the anti-social effects of telecoms on the youth, is bound to collapse.

There is a vicious circle in France. I'm sorry, but I think I don't have the strength to fight it.

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Published by Bête spatio-temporelle - dans Society sciences
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4 décembre 2014 4 04 /12 /décembre /2014 23:16

A good figure talks.


social distance figure

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Published by Bête spatio-temporelle - dans Society sciences
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